Tuesday, January 22, 2019

Homework 1/21-1/25, 2019

Homework: Week of: January 21- January 25, 2019                        
Monday, January 21        
MLK Day     TLCS Closed  
Tuesday, January 22            
Bible: Study verse and study guide for test on Friday.
Math: Finish “Check Your Progress” p.200; CT pp.37-38; Study for test on Thursday.
Reading: WB p. 151; The test for this unit will be on 2/1/2019.
Social Studies: Study for quiz on Thursday.
Other: Chapel tomorrow-1:30. Wear your Theme T-shirt

Wednesday, January 23         
Bible: Study verse and study guide for test on Friday.
Math: Study for test tomorrow.
Spelling: Write words for Unit 4 Week 1, one time each. Test will be on 1/30.
Reading: WB p. 153-155
Social Studies: Study for quiz tomorrow.
Other:  Honor Roll Breakfast tomorrow at 8:30 with the program at 9:00.           

Thursday, January 24              
Bible: Study for test Unit 7 tomorrow.
Spelling: Study words.
Other: Gym tomorrow. Wear your gym clothes.     
Friday, January 25                   
Math: WB p.141 EVENS
Spelling: Study words for test on 1/30.                     
Grammar: Finish WB p.79
Other: Spirit Week begins on Monday with Disney Day!
            Return “End of the Quarter Papers” Folder, but keep the papers.

Wednesday, January 16, 2019

Social Studies Study Guide Chapter 3

 Social Studies: Chapter 3
The Southeast Region: Climate and Environment
Study Guide

Tentative Quiz Date for Chapter 3 Lessons 1 and 2 and the States and their Capitals: Thursday, January 24, 2019.

Tentative Test Date: Tuesday, February 12, 2019

1. Vocabulary:
            a. agriculture- the business of growing crops and raising animals
            b. cash crop- a crop that is grown to be sold for money, rather than being used on    
                                  the farm where it was grown
            c. coal- a mineral found under the Earth’s surface that is burned as a fuel.
            d. delta- land formed by the soil that a river deposits as it flows into a larger body  
                          of water
            e. labor union- a group of workers who push for better working conditions
            f. mouth- the place where a river empties into an ocean, lake, or a larger river.   
            g. technology- the use of skills, ideas, and tools to meet people’s needs
            h. wetlands- an area such as a swamp or marsh, where water is at or close to the  
                                 surface of the ground
            i. The source- the beginning of a river

2.  Southeast Climate/Environment:
            a. Long growing season, rich soil, adequate rainfall and sunlight
            b. Climate determines which crops farmers can grow.
            c. Many people decide to live in the Southeast Region to work in agricultural jobs  
                and to enjoy a warmer climate.

3.  Coal:
            a. A major non-renewable natural resource
            b. The coal industry grew slowly until the 1830’s, when railroads began to grow  
                 and spread.
            c.   Mining coal can be dangerous.
                        1.  At first, miners worked long hours in cramped tunnels with little light  
                             and air.
                        2.  Tunnels could cave in, trapping miners.
                        3.  Labor Unions fought to get better working conditions.
                        4.  Advances in technology have brought many changes to coal mining.
                        5.  Coal is used to make electricity.  One of the consequences of burning  
                             coal is air pollution.

(Continued on the back)
4.  The Mississippi River can be compared to the Nile River in Africa.
            a. Both provide transportation routes, water for irrigation, and nutrients to enrich
                the soil
            b. The Nile runs from Lake Victoria north to the Mediterranean Sea.  The
                 Mississippi runs from Lake Itasca, Minnesota south to the Gulf of Mexico.
            c. Egyptians built the Aswan High Dam on the Nile to produce hydroelectric  
                            power, and make it easier for Egyptian farmers to irrigate their crops.
                        1. The Dam created a great water supply which turned desert into  
                        2. The Dam prevents the Nile from flooding.  The flooding used to leave  
                             rich silt on the land.  Today the soil is less fertile, so farmers need to
                             add chemicals to the soil.

5. The twelve (12) states of the Southeast region and their capitals are:

            Alabama (AL) – Montgomery                        Arkansas (AR) – Little Rock
            Florida (FL) – Tallahassee                              Georgia (GA) – Atlanta
            Kentucky (KY) – Frankfort                            Louisiana (LA) – Baton Rouge
            Mississippi (MS) – Jackson                             North Carolina (NC) - Raleigh
            South Carolina (SC) – Columbia                    Tennessee (TN) – Nashville                            Virginia (VA) – Richmond                               West Virginia (WV) – Charleston

6. The U.S. Territory is Puerto Rico (PR).  Its capital is San Juan.   

More Information:

The social studies test for Regions Chapter 3 is given in four parts: Content, Skills, Writing, and States and Capitals.  All four parts will be combined and graded as one test.

The Content section is multiple choice and fill in the blank from a word box.

For the Skills section, the students will fill in a cause and effect chart using the information given on the test.

The Writing Section:
The students will be asked to write a paragraph or two about the Mississippi River and what makes the river so special.  Please use the information from the text.  Do not go online to find additional information which we did not study.

For the States and Capitals Section, make sure your child can write the state’s capital and its abbreviation.  The abbreviations must be written in print and capital letters, no punctuation!

Make studying fun!

Friday, January 11, 2019

Newsletter 1/14-1/18, 2019

Homework 1/14-1/18, 2019

Homework: Week of January 14-18, 2019
Monday, January 14
Bible: Study verse to be tested on Friday. Test U7 will be given on Friday, 1/25.
Math: Handout-Review of Division.
Spelling: Study U 3 Week 5 words
Reading: WB p.141; Show parents book report requirements.
Other: Library tomorrow. Return your book(s).
             Casual Day Friday-$2.00
Tuesday, January 15                        
Bible: Study verse.
Math: WB p.66 EVENS
Spelling: Study words.
Reading: WB p.143-145.
Other: Chapel tomorrow-1:30.  Wear Theme T-shirt.
             Casual Day Friday-$2.00
   Wednesday, January 16
Bible: Study verse.
Math: WB. p.67 EVENS
Spelling: WB p.89 All; Study words.
Reading: Book Report Requirements form is due Tuesday, 1/22 or sooner.                
Other: Buffalo Wild Wings today.
Casual Day Friday.               
Thursday, January 17
Bible: Study verse U7 W1 to be tested tomorrow.
Math: WB p.68 EVENS
Spelling: Study U 3 Week 5 words for test tomorrow.
Reading: Book Report Requirements form is due Tuesday, 1/22.
                Reread pp.264-267 for test tomorrow.
Grammar: Finish WB p.74
OtherCasual Day tomorrow-$2.00. Gym tomorrow. Wear your gym clothes or sneakers with your gym clothes.
Friday, January 18
Bible: Write new verse U7 W2 one time. It will be tested on Friday, 1/25.
Math: WB p.69 EVENS
Reading: Book Report Requirements form is due Tuesday.
Other: Return report card envelope on Tuesday.  Keep the report card.
            TLCS Closed on Monday.

Monday, January 7, 2019

Newsletter 1/7-1/11, 2019

Homework 1/7-1/11, 2019

Homework: Week of: January 7- 11, 2019
Monday, January 7
Bible: Study verse and study guide for Unit 6 test on Friday.
Math: WB p.61 EVENS
Spelling: Study for test on Friday.
Reading: WB p.131
Social Studies: Study Chapter 2 for test tomorrow.
Other: Library tomorrow. Return your book(s).
             Early Dismissal Friday.
Tuesday, January 8                         
Bible: Study verse and study guide for test Friday.     
Math: WB p.62 EVENS
Spelling: Study Unit 3 Week 4 words for test Friday.
Reading: WB p.133-135
Other: Chapel tomorrow at 1:30.  Wear Theme T-shirt.                    
Wednesday, January 9
Bible: Study for test on Friday.
Math: WB p.63 EVENS
Spelling: WB p.87 All.  Underline the spelling words in your story.
Social Studies: Begin to study the Southeast states and capitals.
Thursday, January 10
Bible: Study verse and study guide for test tomorrow.
Math: WB. p.64 EVENS
Spelling: Study for test tomorrow.
Reading: Reread pp. 240-259 for test tomorrow.
Grammar: Finish WB p. 69
Other:  Gym tomorrow. Wear gym clothes.
              Early Dismissal tomorrow-12:50
Friday, January 11
Bible: Write new verse Unit 7 one time.
Math: WB. p.65 EVENS; CT pp. 35-36
Spelling: Write new words U 3 W 5 one time..
Social Studies: Handout-“Exploring the Mighty Mississippi” p.18.